Welcome to the SPD form allowing publishers to apply to be distributed by Small Press Distribution. Please see our Acquisitions Page for more details about what SPD does and for the basic criteria required to become an SPD press. 

SPD's Mission:  Small Press Distribution (SPD) connects readers with writers by giving them access to independently published literature. We allow essential but underrepresented literary communities to participate in the marketplace and culture at large through book distribution, events, and public advocacy. For literature to prosper in America as a living art form, independent presses need a reliable distribution network.  

SPD receives many submissions for press acquisition. Given the limited space in our warehouse, and given our mission, we take on new publishers with great care. Note that we do not distribute individual titles or self-published books, and with rare exceptions SPD only acquires books with ISBNs that are perfect bound with printing on the spines. 

A few things we pay particular attention to are: 

  • blurbs on book covers
  • a robust marketing plan 
  • website
  • book design
  • a diverse author list
  • plans for future titles

Please be thoughtful in your responses and allow us up to 3 months to reply. 

We look forward to becoming familiar with your books! 

Before preparing your application, please be sure to read through SPD's Publisher Handbook

Please also be sure to answer every question thoroughly. Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected. 

SPD Books